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Montreal's Biggest Slack Hackathon

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Hack to create greater workplaces.

What’s Slack?

Slack is a team communication app that also happens to be the fastest growing workplace software ever. In Slack, there are bots that let you run commands, like ordering a ride, ordering food, and even booking a tripThe possibilities for bot development are simply infinite and Slack is currently investing $80 millions towards developers who contribute towards improving the platform. Today is the best time to start this adventure!

What is the Hackathon about?

Help organizations across the globe build better workplaces, by building a Slack bot that simplifies work habits and increases employee productivity and happiness levels. All of this will be happening in an office with a workplace atmosphere that is simply amazing.


Even though being part of the hackathon is a prize in itself, here are 3 awesome prizes that you could win:

1st place:


2nd place:


3rd place:


We also have a ton of goodies and participation prizes for everyone, such as :

Branded t-shirts
Computer stickers
And so much more!


Here’s the complete schedule with everything that is in stock for you and your team.


vendredi 3 juin

5PM - 7PM : Welcome Reception With the start of the hackathon approaching quickly, it's a good idea to get the venue warmed up!  On Friday we have an awesome 5@7 where you can meet other participants, discover common interests, and get a glimpse of where you’ll be during the weekend. We’ll also serve tasty appetizers and cocktails. The slackathon officially begins at 8 AM Saturday.

samedi 4 juin

8AM : Team Registration & Breakfast
9AM : Opening Ceremony
9:30AM : Slackathon Begins!
12PM : Lunch
7PM : Dinner
12AM : Late Night Snack

dimanche 5 juin

9:30AM : Slackathon’s over - Breakfast is served
10:30AM : Slackbot Demos
1PM : Judging
1:05PM : Lunch, Gifts & Networking
2PM : Winners Announced
2:30PM : Closing Ceremony

C’est où?

La compétition aura lieu au siège social de GSOFT, à l’adresse suivante:


1751, rue Richardson, bureau 6.400
Montréal, Québec, H3K 1G6

Comment s'y rendre:

Vous pouvez utiliser la ligne verte du métro de Montréal et descendre à la station Charlevoix.

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L'édition 2016 est maintenant terminée!

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What happens at #SlackathonMTL?

You will have 24 hours to create a Slack bot. Don’t worry if you’ve never done something like this before – workshops will be provided on multiple subjects and mentors will be there at all time to help you.

At the end of the 24 hours, you’ll have 3 minutes to present your bot to the judges.

Do I have to be a developer to attend?

Nope! We recommend to have developers in your team, but you can also subscribe to the event if you’re a designer, a marketer or if you can contribute to the success of your team in any way.

For example, the Officevibe team, who designed the Slack bot Leo, had many designers, marketers, and developers working on the project. It’s actually the main reason why Leo stood out so much! The design and promotion around Leo made all the difference.

Are there rules?


Teams must consist of a maximum of 4 members. If you have any questions about the teams’ composition, send us a quick email and our organiser will address your questions as quickly as possible.

Code & Design Creation

All code, design and other elements used to create the bot must be created exclusively during the #SlackathonMTL. If your team qualifies for the top 3, and is eligible for one of the cash prizes, you will be subject to a code review in order to make sure that all aspects were carried out within the rules of the #SlackathonMTL.

APIs, Services & “Open Source”

You can and you are encouraged to use all resources available to you, such as 3rd party services, APIs, open source projects, libraries, and Frameworks.


All teams will retain full ownership of what they’ve created during the #SlackathonMTL.  


Since we’ll be serving alcohol at designated times during the #SlackathonMTL, all participants must be 18 or older at the time of the event. You cannot bring your own alcohol or drink outside of the specific times that will be clearly announced during the event.

Be Respectful

We ask that you show respect to each other throughout the entirety of the slackathon. Act professionally at all times. We’re all here to have fun.

Have Fun

The slackathon was created in the spirit of meeting new people, having fun, and being creative. As such, you should feel free to take breaks whenever you feel the need. Relaxing and enjoying the event is of utmost importance! 🙂

Respect of the Theme 

Develop a bot according to this theme: “For a Better Workplace”. Remember, the whole point is to create something that will increase employee happiness and productivity.

Will I be fed?

Oh hell yeah! All food is on us during this awesome weekend. We’ll serve you brunches, lunches, dinners, and even late night snacks. Our very own barista will also brew some of the best coffees and smoothies you’ve ever tasted throughout the weekend. Nothing is too good. Yummyyy.

*If you have food allergies, please let us know when you subscribe to the #SlackathonMTL.

What do I need to bring?

You need to bring your own laptop and charger. Also, because we still want you to get some rest, you may also want to bring your sleeping bag, mattress, pillow, and a change of clothes.

Showers will be available to you.

How does the application process work?

The application window closes on May 13th, 2016.

As soon as you sign up, you’ll be able to add the members of your team. Each member you sign up will receive an email from Eventbrite. If you’d prefer, you can all sign up individually.

If you’re alone, don’t worry! You can communicate with other #SlackathonMTL attendees on Slack in the weeks leading up to the event. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet people at the welcome reception on Friday night. If on the day of the hackathon you still haven’t found a team to join, we’ll find you some amazing people on Saturday morning.

Does it cost anything to participate?

Nope, it’s totally free!

Commanditaires du #SlackathonMTL